The Tassel Keychain – DIY

The Tassel Keychain – DIY

Tassels are becoming the new thing to make, and let me tell you they are so easy you will making so many in no time!


Step 1:

Cut 3 pieces of rope at approx. 13.5″ in length.

Step 2:

Tie the embroidery thread approx. 5.5″ from one end around all three strands of rope. Lay the short end of embroidery thread with the rope. 

Step 3:

Begin wrapping the embroidery thread around the rope. It’s important to also wrap around the other end of embroidery thread. We will you use this end later.

Step 4:

Continue to wrap till you reach approx. 3″. Slip the split ring through the rope. 

Step 5:

Fold the rope in half and begin wrapping around all strands.

Step 6:

Tie off both ends of embroidery thread. Cut thread. 

Step 7:

Unravel each strand of rope.

Step 8:

Using a comb, comb through the rope to separate the rest of the strands. 

Step 9:

Trim the ends so they are even and done! Tip: if you wet the strands then cut them it makes a nice straight cut.


Please do not reprint or repost this pattern. You can share the link to this page to share this pattern with others. You can sell items made from this pattern online and at local craft shows, please credit iHooked as the designer by adding a link to this website.

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