The Tassel Keychain – DIY

Tassels are becoming the new thing to make, and let me tell you they are so easy you will making so many in no time!


Step 1:

Cut 3 pieces of rope at approx. 13.5″ in length.

Step 2:

Tie the embroidery thread approx. 5.5″ from one end around all three strands of rope. Lay the short end of embroidery thread with the rope. 

Step 3:

Begin wrapping the embroidery thread around the rope. It’s important to also wrap around the other end of embroidery thread. We will you use this end later.

Step 4:

Continue to wrap till you reach approx. 3″. Slip the split ring through the rope. 

Step 5:

Fold the rope in half and begin wrapping around all strands.

Step 6:

Tie off both ends of embroidery thread. Cut thread. 

Step 7:

Unravel each strand of rope.

Step 8:

Using a comb, comb through the rope to separate the rest of the strands. 

Step 9:

Trim the ends so they are even and done! Tip: if you wet the strands then cut them it makes a nice straight cut.


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